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Avoid costly roof & home repairs with our FREE bitumen felt survey.

Roofs built in the 70's and 80's were often built using Bitumen Felt. This type of root felt can cause a myriad of costly issues because it doesn't allow your roof to breathe adequately. If your roof has bitumen felt on it, the timber in your roof is likely to rot over time, which will be very expensive to fix.

To prevent this expensive issue from happening to your roof, it's important to assess your roof for bitumen and replace it with a breathable alternative.


We're now offering a free roof survey in the Stourbridge area to assess your roof for Bitumen felt. You can then choose to replace it with an affordable, breathable felt which will give your roof the ventilation it needs and prevent huge costs in the future. A cheap solution to a prevent a costly problem further down the line.

Call today on 07929 145033 or email us to arrange your free survey appointment.

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