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How to choose a reliable roofing company? A useful guide that helps you avoid getting ripped off.

Read this useful guide on how to make sure you're choosing a reliable roofing company. How do you make sure they aren't a cowboy roofer? How can you be sure they will do a good job and won't rip you off?

Choose a roofing company that is highly recommended

One of the best ways to find a roofing contractor is via recommendation which can be done in several ways. You can ask friends and family, you can join your local Facebook group or Nextdoor is a fantastic way to get local recommendations. Alternatively you can check the reviews of the local roofing company you are looking at or ask them if you can speak to one of their customers. Google reviews or Facebook reviews are ideal because you can see they have been added by real customers and are easy to find. A roofer who isn't very good won't want an online visible presence where bad work can be found out about and so if your roofer can't be seen or found online, then you have to ask yourself...why?

Note: a good indication that reviews are real is that there is a good mix of reviews. It is unlikely that a company can please everyone so don't worry if a company has a few reviews that aren't perfect. You are looking for genuine and a good healthy balance that gives you an overall positive impression.

Any reliable roofing company will be happy to show off their previous work, have an external review system set up and/ or point you in the direction of a happy customer. If they don't and you can't find any way to verify their reputation, avoid them.

Find a company with a good website and visible online presence

Whilst it doesn't guarantee that a roofer is good, if a roofing company have invested in a quality website and has a positive internet presence (reviews, social media activity etc...) then this goes some way to show that they are professional, dedicated and have the resources to invest in their business. You should also be able to see some of their recent projects on their website too and also via their social media feed which helps you see how active they are and what their work is like. This all gives you an indication that they are an established business with business acumen.

Don't just go for the cheapest quote

Whilst looking for good value is important, this doesn't just mean finding the cheapest quote. When getting a quote you need to factor in the company's experience, their reputation, the materials they use (cheap materials won't last long and therefore will cost more in the long run, for example). Also looking at any guarantees on offer. A cheap quote can work out expensive if the roofing company doesn't do a very good job in the first place and you have to have follow up work done by a more reputable roofing company.

Buy cheap, pay twice is often the phrase used... It is good to get another quote for comparison but when looking at your quotes, look beyond the price and choose the best roofer and not just the best price!

If a company uses high pressure sales tactics, avoid them.

Most reputable roofers have built up a good business and so don't need to use high pressure sales tactics to get your business. They are probably too busy! So if a company is pressurising you, take this as a warning that they need your business too much and perhaps consider all the advice previously mentioned before going ahead with their quote.


So ultimately, how do you find the best local roofer to fix your roof and avoid cowboys? Do your research. Search online, get recommendations and check the company's website, previous projects and reviews. When you get a quote, don't just go on price. Look beyond this by checking their experience, reputation and the materials. When you find a good roofer, keep hold of their contact details and book them in for your next project. The best way to reward good work is to recommend and re-book. This keeps the good traders in business and reduces the number of cowboys out there.

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